Visit The Christmas Doll & Train Exhibit At St. Clement’s Island Museum

Christmas Doll & Train Exhibit

There is always so much to see to around the holidays. But sometimes, you just want to take a break from running all your errands and do something fun with your family. When you’re ready to get away from it all and enjoy a little slice of holiday joy, come on out to the Christmas Doll & Train Exhibit at St. Clement’s Island Museum. It’s your chance to experience the joy of a childhood Christmas in a museum setting. Not only will it get you in the spirit of the season, but you might just learn about the area’s past as well.

Inexpensive Fun

You may be able to find a lot of exciting things to do in the area, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are going to be affordable for everyone. In fact, a lot of them end up being pretty pricey if you decide to take your whole family. But when you come out to see this exhibit, you won’t have that problem. It costs only $3 for adults, $2 for seniors or those in the military, and $1.50 for the kids. And children ages 5 and under get in for free. That way, you can bring the whole family along and have a great time without even spending that much money.

Collectible Toys

Back in the day, Christmas toys and games were a sure hit. Not that they aren’t now, but you will really get a taste of nostalgia when you see these vintage and collectible toys and trains. They may even take you back to your own childhood, or maybe you’ll wish you had been born earlier, so you could have had Christmases filled with this type of fun.

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Other Info

It’s not all about the toys. There also will be books, articles, and newspaper clippings that can give you a glimpse into what people in the town thought and cared about in the old days. Therefore, it’s a great way to gain perspective about how things have changed since that time.

It’s a delight to learn about the past. Yet after going to the museum, you may be happy that you live when you do. After all, how else could you get a brand-new vehicle with all the latest features from Team Hyundai in Lexington Park, Maryland? Make sure you stop by our dealership sometime this holiday season.