Cut Your Own Christmas Tree At Friendship Forest

Friendship Forest

Christmas is the most magical time of the year. And one thing that makes it especially magical is when you get to decorate your Christmas tree. While it’s fun to decorate any kind of tree, it’s even better when you have the satisfaction of cutting one down yourself. You don’t have to buy a fake tree or find one that’s already been cut down for you. Instead, make sure you go to Friendship Forest this holiday season. There, you can find the best tree for your home and décor, and then you can cut it down yourself. That’ll add some magic to your holiday season. Now, check out some tips on how to choose and cut down the best tree.

Measure Your Ceiling

Before you even set out for Friendship Forest, you need to know how much space you have in your house. First, make sure you measure your ceiling. This will determine how tall of a tree you can take home. Then, measure the space around where you want to put your tree. You want something that’s large enough to fill up the space but small enough that your home doesn’t get too crowded. Make sure to bring these measurements along to the tree farm with you.

Check for Any Holes or Bare Spots

The best-looking Christmas trees have a uniform appearance. That means they won’t have any large holes in the foliage where you won’t be able to hang your ornaments. Check to make sure that the tree you pick is full and has plenty of needles all the way around. It may take some time to find the perfect tree, but be sure to take your time. It’ll all be worth it when you drive away with the tree of your dreams.

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Take It Home and Put It in Water

After you make your selection at Friendship Forest and cut your tree, you will want to bring it home as soon as possible. The faster you get home and put it into the water, the more moisture it will be able to absorb. You want to ensure it stays hydrated for the duration of the holiday season, so your tree will continue to look as amazing as it does on the day you got it.

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