Thinking Sushi In Lexington Park? Try These Local Spots

sushi in Lexington Park

Don’t want to make dinner tonight? Go out and enjoy some sushi in Lexington Park, Maryland. There are several sushi spots you can stop at in the area, and some of them get amazing reviews. If sushi is going to hit the spot, go out and treat yourself tonight. Here are some of the best sushi restaurants close by. Grab a friend, grab your family, or just go out yourself and try some of the best sushi in the area.

Asahi Japanese Steak & Seafood House

Asahi Japanese Steak & Seafood House is the place to go if you’re feeling like some Japanese food. Sure, those who love sushi are going to be able to find their favorite dish there. But even those who aren’t too keen on sushi will find something they’ll enjoy eating. From steak to all different types of seafood, you really can’t go wrong when you eat here. You can even watch the chefs cook right in front of you, which makes this a really special dining experience that is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations.

Yummys Korean & Japanese Fusion Cuisine

Want a break from your average old sushi joint? Then you’ll love going to Yummys Korean & Japanese Fusion Cuisine. This fusion spot has so many different foods to try, and you may not have even had all of them before. Since it’s got Korean food as well, you might be able to taste some new flavors you’ve never experienced. It’s a great way to learn about food from different cultures, and you’ll leave with your belly full and feeling satisfied.

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Jerry’s Bistro

Sometimes, you just want to go somewhere you can stop in to grab a quick bite to eat. But who says you have to go get fast food? If you’re looking for some sushi and you want it fast, you have to make your way to Jerry’s Bistro. The sushi and the fried rice here are absolutely amazing. But even if someone else in your party wants to eat a sandwich or another type of food, they’ll have no problem finding what they want either. You have to stop by Jerry’s Bistro next time you’re in the mood for a quick meal.

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